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ParentCamp EHT, NJ Educate - Literacy

We are excited to announce that we are holding our first ParentCamp EHT, NJ Educate focusing on Literacy on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at EHT High School starting at 6:00 p.m.

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  • ParentCamp EHT, NJ Educate - Literacy Flyer can be accessed HERE Be sure to share with family and friends.
  • Schedule for ParentCamp EHT, NJ can be accessed HERE.
  • Session Board for ParentCamp EHT, NJ Educate can be accessed HERE, which includes session titles.
  • ParentCamp EHT, NJ Educate Session Descriptions can be found HERE!

Please know that ParentCamp is open and free to the public, so feel free to spread the word to parents and educators within the surrounding community.  We hope to see you on Wednesday, January 24th at EHT High School.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m., food will be provided, as well as childcare!

 January School Calendar
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2017-2018 Student Handbook
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Slaybaugh School Complex Awarded $2000 Grant from Sustainable Jersey to Purchase Tables for Outdoor Classroom


The Tooth Fairy Visits Slaybaugh Primary!

School Nurse Elizabeth Derbyshire creates the Tooth Wall!

It starts with a wiggle and ends with a gummy smile. Losing a baby tooth is an exciting rite of passage. It’s even more exciting when it happens at school. Children at Slaybaugh Primary School come to the nurse’s office and have their picture taken. They are displayed on the “I LOST A TOOTH” wall that fills up quickly. To date there are 50 different 1st graders, 2 of which have lost 4 teeth since September and 10 Kindergartners. A cardboard tooth cut out displays their name and date their tooth was lost that is sent home with the student along with their picture at the end of the year.


Mrs. Straup and Ms. Lane completed a STEM project to build traps to catch the Ginger Bread Man!


The Veteran's Mobile Museum visited the Slaybaugh School Complex on Tuesday, November 7th.



Mrs. Ricci and Mrs. Goodman's Fairy Tale Challenge!

STEM_Fairy Tale

Mrs. Colquhoun's 2nd Grade Class joined with Ms. Schwiers for a STEAM Collaboration!

Renaissance Pep Rally Video!

The Wild Wild Best


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